The living voice of Guglielmo Marconi


Guglielmo Marconi was born in Bologna April 25 th 1874, child of Joseph Marconi, an Italian gentleman that had married a young Irish girl Annie Jameson. Guglielmo didn’t receive a formal education, showing little interest in his studies didn’t complete the course in the technical school, but he promises very well in physics studying to house under the guide of the Prof. Vincent Rosa of Livorno.To the twenty year-old age the young genius starts to make experiments as amateur, that will bring it in little time to the invention of the telegraphy without threads. These experiments are begun in the attic of “Villa Griffon” of Pontecchio, the villa of country of his father, situated in the administrative district of Stone.Following mathematician Clerk Maxwell’s initial studies and the experiments of Heinrich Hertz, Marconi realizes a practical and intelligent system of distance communication without the employment of threads or you extracts voters.Marconi invents, in this way, the system spar-earth. The signals are received with success to a distance of 2400 ms and finally, at the end of September, the transmission overcomes the obstacle of a hill; this historical experiment, concluded with the famous hit of rifle, celebrate it “birth of the radio.” Marconi is honored some Nobel Prize for the Physics in 1909 to the 35 year-old age.On 20 July 1937 he dies in Rome

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